Metropolis Security General Manager Lek Shao Hua shared with Today Singapore how are we coping with Malaysia’s MCO. by Admin

Posted on 4/3/2020 9:00:00 AM

To cut down costs over the longer term, security firm Metropolis Security Systems is considering renting several HDB units for six months, at about S$700 a room a month, its general manager, Mr Lek Shao Hua, told TODAY.

With the Government’s help, the company had earlier put up its 80 displaced Malaysian workers in various hotels with a combined cost of about S$36,000.

But this would not be sustainable if the company were to fork out the entire sum without government aid, so the employees were told to turn to the firm for help only if they still could not find housing despite their best efforts.

“We cannot foresee how long this would go on for. We try to look for HDB short-term rental and put more people in one flat… It is more sustainable in the long run,” he said.

For Mr Lek, his firm’s bottom line is squeezed by not just these employees’ needs, but the security firm’s customers’ — about one in three of his clients had indicated that they are seeking compensation after the company failed to provide enough security workers in the wake of the lockdown.

“I hope service buyers can take into consideration the insufficient turnaround time to employ new workers to fill up the gap and not impose liquidated damages during this period, but work towards a feasible stepped-down security plan instead,” he added.


Client Testimonial

There are actually good people in this security line that do providea good reliable and safe environment to their tenants. Many times I came across security staff which is lazy and can’t be bothered with their job. Any case being reported seems to be something likea bad thing which many unprofessional security stafir which to avoid quickly. However, not this time. It was a genuine exceptional service by MnShah and I am exremely delighted with his PROMPT, RELIABLE and HONEST attitude. Please pass this message across to MnShah and his peers so as he can be a good role model for other security oflicers to learnt from.