In this challenging times when manpower is severely short and regulatory forces are moulding the security agencies, the agency must have the resources and the breadth of experience to work with you. More importantly, the agency must have a listening ear and perseverance to continually engage you.

Since 1999, Metropolis have built a reputation for serving our clients professionally and faithfully. Our portfolio of clients are quite diverse. Examples are residential, schools, commercial, shopping malls, protected places, public listed companies, gaming industries etc.

In Metropolis, security is achieved through the seamless integration of man, machine and methods.

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S.No Items Metropolis Others
Standards Attained
1 ISO 9001
2 Bizsafe Star
3 OHSAS 18001
4 Financial Grade (EPPU) S8
5 Membership with Security Association of Singapore
6 Membership with Association of Certified Security Agency
1 Control Room equipped with Attendance Rostering system
2 Control Room Vehicles
3 Executive are allocated vehicles
4 Operations staff are equipped with laptops
5 Operations staff are equipped with smart phone
1 Warehouse to store logistics
2 24 Hours Command Centre
Remuneration and Rewards Schemes
1 Salary subject to full CPF deduction
2 Special Performance Based Incentives of Good Performing Guard Officer
3 Free medical screening for Security Officers
4 Free monthly supply of ration including biscuit, milo, coffee and tea
5 At least three times advance payouts
6 Long service awards for deserving Security Officers
7 Medical Reimbursement
8 Birthday Token
9 Education Bursaries
10 Half Yearly Performance Incentive
11 Training Token
12 Employee of the month
13 Best Performing Assignment of the year
14 Top Performing Security Officers of the year
15 Salary Increment
16 Compassionate Leave
17 Marriage Leave
18 Joining Bonus
19 Referral Fees
20 Get-well wishes to the employee / employee’s family
21 Flexible work arrangements
22 Full Payment of Union Membership fees
Staff Adequacy
1 Ratio of Operations and Officer Staff vs Contracted Guard force Approx 15%
2 Ratio of Operations Staff vs Contracted Guard force Approx 4%
3 Control Room Day shift manned by how many Officers 4
4 Control Room Night shift manned by how many Officers 3
5 Payroll Department 6
6 Recruitment Department 2
7 Logistic Department 2
8 Quality, Compliance and Technical Department 4
Adoption of Technology
1 All staff has company email accounts
2 Company has staff intranet
3 CCTV monitoring at HQ and Branch Office
4 CCTV monitoring at selected deployment sites
5 Guard Tour system
6 Visitor Managment system
7 Attendance tracking rosters at the Control room
8 Operation Executive have accessed to the attendance rosters from home